About Us

Fisba (Thailand) Ltd.

Fisba (Thailand) Ltd. was founded in 1990 under the name of European Textiles Company Limited and changed name to Fisba (Thailand) Limited in 1998 when it became subsidiary of Nihon Fisba K.K, at 100% subsidiary of Christian Fischbacher Holding of Switzerland.

FISBA’s modern state-of-art factory is located in Northern Region Industrial Estates, 76/3 Moo 4, Tambol Banklang, Amphoe Mueng, Lamphun, Thailand. The company employs 128 people.

The company compound covers 9,100 square meters, including 2,415 square meters of production, are 1,542 square meters of warehouse space, 890 square meters of building service area, 175 square meters of office space and 288 square meters sample production area.

FISBA (Thailand) Limited is manufacturing of group and the quality is maintained at high-class standards required by Japanese market. FISBA specializes in highest quality of workmanship, mainly using imported first-class fabrics the Christian Fischbacher collection.

Fisba (Thailand) Ltd. is subsidiary of Nihon Fisba KK which in turn is part the Christian Fischbacher, that swiss group of companies engaged mainly in field of fashionable home and other special textiles.

The different collections of Christian Fischbacher are distinguishing themselves by outstanding designs and color coordinations as well as by high quality of fabrics produced.


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