Red Dot Design Award

Red Dot Design Award, Award winner for Benu FLOW


Cologne, Germany

The interior innovation award is an independent, sector-oriented award at the imm cologne and is today considered as one of the most renowned design awards in the interior furnishing industry worldwide. The interior innovation award stands for first-class innovative achievements and design for the interior furnishing industry.

INDORATO is a technical innovation that was designed to resemble gold leaf paintings. The fabric’s three-dimensional print involves a complicated screen-printing technique. In the first screen, the design is printed in foam. A second screen applies an adhesive. Then, a golden foil film is heat-transferred on top. As a result, the foam paste rises up and the foil sticks to the adhesive, giving the print its puffy texture and patina-like look. INDORATO is printed by our long-time partner in Switzerland, who is well known for his craftsmanship and printing expertise. 135 cm / 5 colours / 100% SE

SAKURA is a semi-transparent fabric, inspired by the cherry blossom season in Japan. Printed in ink-jet on our heat and light control fabric REFLECT, the design team played with different flower sizes and contrasting sharpness levels to create a three-dimensional look. The fabric is an innovation from Japan, introducing the first white coloured fabric with heat and light reflective properties that is also washable. Unlike other heat and light control fabrics that use a metal coating on the back surface, in REFLECT metal oxides are blended into the actual yarn so that the pure colour is maintained and care becomes easier. The fabric is both a flame retardant and acts as a shield to light and harmful UV rays that can cause colour fading of interior fabrics. 295 cm / 1 colour / 100% PES FR

Glittering jewels with their rich colourful tones were inspiration for BENU JASPIS, a print on BENU FLOW using an environmental sound ink-jet printing process. BENU FLOW won the «red dot award» in 2013. Benu JASPIS is a technical innovation: it is a flame-retardant fabric that is made from recycled PET bottles. The bottles come from Italy, where they are crushed, melted and spun into polyester filament yarns. The fabric is made permanently flame-retardant due to a non-toxic additive in the yarn. All products in the Benu Collection are made from recycled materials and stand for sustainability and environmentally sound production. 290 cm / 3 colours / 100% PES FR